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Baling Twine & Compactor Sacks.

We are suppliers of baling twine and baling tape in various formats and lengths, this can be from a light duty multi standard twine, 4 or 6 ply poly twine either as a standard centre feed or rewound coils dependent on the application required and finally our baling tape which comes in 9, 13, 16 and 19mm widths. Our compactor sacks which are designed to fit Orwak, Tony Team, Bergmann and Kenbay compactors.

If you wish to order baling twine or bags please Email your order through, giving us the manufacture and model.

Compactor Bags.

We supply compactor sacks to fit the following compactors.

Orwak 5030, 5031, 5031E,

Tony Team TT240.

Bergmann Roto Packer

Kenbay Roto Packer

All sacks are " Heavy Duty" and most of them are manufactured from recycled material, each bag is heat seamed for extra strength.


Baling Twine.

Standard Centre Feed.

Note: Breaking Strain relates to the recovery pressure of the baled material NOT the bale weight.

Length / Type Breaking Strain
1260M Multi Strand 125Kg
619M 4 Ply Poly 200Kg

Rewound Coils.

Directly replaces baling tape.

Length / Type Breaking Strain
350M Light Duty 125Kg
320M 4Ply Poly 200Kg
180M 6 Ply Poly 400Kg

Baling Tape / Strapping Spools.

Length / Type Breaking Strain
9MM / 250M 300Kg
9MM /500M 300Kg
13MM / 500M 400Kg
16MM / 425M 400Kg
19MM / 400M 500Kg








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